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November 21, 2008


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Lisa Leverich

Beautiful photos! Are you giving a prize to the winner of the favorite photo? If so I will post a message on my wedding news blog.

Innkeeper Jason

That is an excellent idea. We will give 1 night with breakfast and dinner to the winning photographer. Thanks for visiting the site.

Lisa Leverich

My favorite is Brian Wedge

Lea Morrison

Great photos. Loved the last one- really special work!

Brenda Murphy

Brian Wedge's last photo is magical! That is the winner- although the rest are beautiful too.

Elena A.

What a great idea. These are really nice photographs. They are all so lovely, but the color and emotion in the photograph of the girl in the orange dress with the yellow calla lilies is my favorite, so I vote for Brian Wedge Photography.

Mel A.

I LOVE the moment of the girl in orange laughing and trying to hold back tears at the same time, and I agree with the comment above- the colors and emotion are fantastic.

The last photo cracked me up, and totally captured the happiness of the day. Either way, Brian Wedge Photography it is.


I love the photo of the girl in the orange dress with the yellow lilies. It is a spiritual moment. My vote is for photographer Brian Wedge

David Murray Weddings

David Murray Weddings would like to say thank you to Jason and the Newagen . We are thrilled that our clients' great wedding was featured here. These images taken by our amazing photographer John are some of our favorites of the season and we just want to congratulate John for having them selected and featured with such great company from the Maine wedding photographer ranks. Congrats to all!

Bill Holland

While all are beautiful images, #5 (photo of bride with her back to the camera) really stands out to me. Not only is it elegant and shows off the detail of the bride's dress, the background is quintessential Maine--beautiful yet rugged. That one gets my vote.


Brian Wedge is my favorite!!

William Morrison

I vote for Brian Wedge!

Joe Milton

I love the colors and the mood of the 2nd one with the boat. Not your typical wedding photo! My vote is for John from David Murray Weddings.

Liss Sterling

I vote for the one with the couple in the rowboat by David Murray.


Matt K.

All the photos are pretty conventional except for the boat photo. I vote for that one.


The boat photo is beautiful. David Murray Weddings gets my vote!


The bride in the beautiful white dress
has a second of quiet introspection as she looks upon the gorgeous landscape. The David Murray Weddings' photographer's
take on that moment is breathtaking. This one's a keeper.


Vote for the David Murray photograph with boat and couple in foreground. Love the beautiful 'hazy day' with bright focus on the couple.


The bride in a dress from David Murray weddings gets my vote! Very classy!


My vote is for David Murray Weddings. Every photo is visually stunning, especially the bride in the dress. Classic and sophisticated.

bob riccio

the 2 pictures that I loved the most, by Blush, were of the wedding party at the gazebo and the one of the bride and her dad at the old car!! Both captured the feeling at the wedding-happiness and sadness!!


After careful consideration of all the photos, I have to go with Brian Wedge. He gets my vote!


I vote for The David Murray Wedding photography. The pictures are a true blend of style with a feeling for the moment. Each scene captures the emotion of the day,reflection, joy, and a new beginning together,set in the beautiful Maine landscape.

Ray Anthony

David Murray Weddings gets my vote. Love the natural moment of the Bride and the detail of her dress.


The image of the couple in the boat from David Murray weddings really stands out. Beautiful composition with the couple and that hazy, yet lushly detailed background.


The amazing blue sky in the picture of the wedding party is absolutly breathtaking! And the emotion captured in the picture of father and bride by the car is also priceless....I vote for Blush Photography!


I absolutely love the image of the couple in the boat. So beautiful! I vote for David Murray Weddings.


Love the photo of the bride facing out over the rocks. Beautiful juxtaposition of such "put together" and refined beauty next to the natural beauty of the rough landscape.


My favorite is the shot of the couple in the boat by David Murray Weddings. Lovely work!


I like the girl in orange by Brian Wedge Photography- great emotion!

phil macaulay

i vote for brian wedge! super!

Jess Harris

I vote for Brian Wedge. His ability to capture emotion really shows in these photos. These pictures look natural and beautiful.


Brian Wedge captures hidden moments full of raw emotion...the euphoric shot at the end really drew me in. I vote for Brian!


Brian Wedge- Simply gorgeous!

Nikki H

My vote is for Brian Wedge!!


I vote for Brian Wedge Photography


The last photo is fantastic. Brian Wedge gets my vote!


Brian Wedge- so beautiful!!


I vote for Brian Wedge. The last photo is great.


The girl in the orange dress is great. I vote for Brian Wedge.


I vote for brian wedge. Beautiful!

Sandralee Rarick

Brian Wedge takes photos that have an ethereal look about them, actually telling a story. I vote for Brian Wedge.

Catherine (Hinman)

My vote goes to Brian Wedge Photography. His last photo showing the unbridled,boyish enthusiasm of the groom is fantastic. This, juxtaposed against the misty,somber-looking day make it a winner. Beautiful selection of photos.
Catherine H.


I vote for the photo of the bride and her father by Blush Imagery-what an emotional moment that Blush captured.

Rebecca Ryan

The picture of the bride and her father is classic. The photo perfectly captured the wide array of emotions that a bride and her father might feel. While most people think of weddings as happy and joyous (and they are) and tend to focus on the bride, this photo keys in on the emotions felt by the father of the bride, which is joy, but also a great sense of sadness because he is giving away his little girl. I vote for blush Imagery.


The Photo of the back of the bride by David Murray is soft and lovely and so very "Maine." It set the locale so well for those of us who love the coast and the color contrasts set the mood. That's my favorite.


All of the photos are great, but the photo of the groom turning around (Brian Wedge Photography) is so enthusiastic and real, it's my favorite!

Kirsten Morse

I vote for Brian Wedge's photo!


There's no question...they're all great.

John from David Murray, however, captures the moment. His shots can't be duplicated - they're just so candid! This can be seen in the shot of the couple through the veil - the bride is simply stunning and the groom seems as happy as a clam at high tide.

Furthermore, when it comes to Maine, natural beauty is a draw for weddings. John captures this as well. Look at the shot of the bride gazing out onto the rugged shore and the water in the distance.

Two votes...both hands...for John!


John from David Murray Weddings does a wonderful job of capturing the joy of the day as well as the beauty of Maine. In particular, his one of the couple in the boat looking up at the shore is stunning and not at all the normal wedding photo. His work is true art!

Julie Klausen

This is a great blog! I think most all of the images are fabulous, but there's a certain energy in all of Brian Wedge's photos. It's uncanny, it's REAL... and at least from my perspective I think it's the best.

This blog was very helpful to me, as I think it showcases the best photographers out there. I'm engaged and just started looking around even though we don't have a date set yet.

I went to all the photographer's websites... and was struck by the quality of all of them. Brian Wedge's style seems to be refined to a level that surpasses most. When I get married I want the real energy and emotion captured. I don't want a static simple image... that's just not what my wedding is going to be about. There's a soul in those images he takes, and I like that!

Anyway, probably sharing to much... but just my opinion. Thanks to whoever builds this blog for putting it together. It introduced me to a lot of great resources!!!

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